Diseases Associated With Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes may seem insignificant to you at first glance. However, there are various problems associated with them that cannot be taken for granted.

One of the major concerns that come home with mosquitoes is the diseases. There are several diseases associated with them, and the major ones are mentioned below. Have a look.

Zika Virus

This is a virus that is closely connecting to mosquitoes and mosquito bites. This virus, if inside you, may start to show slow and mild symptoms. Some of the early symptoms are fever, headache, and body ache. However, in the long run, the virus may start to interact with genes and cause birth defects too.

Canine Heartworm

This is a disease that is associated with mosquitoes. If a mosquito bites a dog or a cat and is infected with this disease, it may prove very dangerous or even fatal to them. You need to be very careful when you keep your pet outside at night.

West Nile Virus

A very prominent virus in the United States of America, this was first found in the year 1999. An aborovirus that is very closely linked to mosquito bites. It is very dangerous and sometimes even proved fatal to human beings. The effect it has on people could be very different, but it usually leads to problems like meningitis.

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As has been mentioned above, mosquitoes can bring several concerns at home. If you have mosquitoes in your home or workspace, going for mosquito control in Monroe should be your high priority. Diseases being the most dangerous problem, you should make sure to take all the necessary actions to prevent them from happening. Try home remedies as well as other strong tools to keep mosquitoes away from you and your family before it is too late.