Cool Ideas To Implement Into Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Taking on the bathroom can be a chore.  Many people use the bathroom on a daily basis, and to have it down even for a few hours can be very stressful.  However, a bathroom remodel in colorado springs, co can be a great way to turn your old outdated bathroom and breathe new life into it.

Glass shower doors

The first thing that you will want to consider is what do you want to do with your tub.  In many cases, we use a shower curtain to hid ourselves or protect the rest of the room from water.  One way to add a clean and fresh look to the bathroom is to simply use a glass shower door.

Tiled artwork

When you are in the bathroom you really don’t want to stare at four blank walls.  Typically, we will be in there with a book, magazine or playing Candy Crush on our phones, no judgment.  Another thing that we can do is have tiled areas that we can look at that are unique and hold different patterns that are interesting.

bathroom remodel in colorado springs, co

A good area that you can have these tiles is in the shower where we place our soap and shampoo.  This will add a place for us to store our items as well as have it stand out from the rest of the room.

Shelving around the bathtub

One idea, if you take baths is to have a small shelf with arms reach of the tub.  So, when you are laying back relaxing you have a small shelf that you can place candles on, rest a cocktail or even just have your personal items that you use.

Mirrors and lighting

You want to have plenty of mirrors and lighting in the room.  When you are in the tub or otherwise doing your business, you want to have a relaxing environment and views that look larger than they actually are.  The construction and design of your room should be designed around perceptions and illusions.  If you can do this, you will have great things to look at and spaces that will relax the mind.