Shower Drains

Shower Drains

Shower drains as the name suggest is a simple assembly of grid, strainer, vent and trap that helps in draining out water during shower. In order to prevent shower drains to get clogged strainers are installed just below the grid to entrap cluster of hair and lumps of soap from clogging the shower drain. For that purpose shower drain covers are also available.

 An arrangement by the mean of a u-shaped pipe known as trap is made so that the sewer gasses do not escape through drain into the bathroom and hence manages bad odors. The pipe that provides air pressure to the system is called the vent. The main challenged faced during shower drain installation is the task of managing the movement of water from one place to another without letting the gasses and odors from the sewer to escape back to the bathroom. This job is accomplished by making the correct choice in selecting the right type of shower drains for the existing shower and drainage pipe system. Not only this, it can also be done by flawless shower drain installation.

Before shopping for the shower drains one important thing that is always to be kept in mind is type

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of drainage pipe installed. For non-metal tubing’s like plastic crimped, threaded, compression or solvent-welded drains can also be used. Thread shower drains have special tape wrapped around them which enables the threads to fix in the shower and piping by making it water proof. Whereas for compression and crimped shower drains, pressure is required to make a tight connection.  In case of solvent-welded shower drains a chemical solvent is required with the help of which a chemical reaction is initiated which bounds the shower drains with the drain pipes. For metallic drainage pipes threaded or welded drains soldered with metal are preferred.

The next important steps after selecting the correct type of shower drains of best know quality is the installation of the shower drain in the bathroom. After making sure that correct material is purchased the next important thing is to do flawless fitting of the shower drains. First step in the installation of the shower drain is the installation of trap directly beneath the drain. Trap is a u-shaped bend in the pipe that helps in entrapping air in the drain pipes. The entrapped water in the pipe acts as a blockade and prevents the back flow of sewer gases and odor to escape back to the bathroom through the shower drain. The very next step after installation of trap is the installation of vent just above the drain level. This is the most important step of all. Vent is installed in order to prevent the back flow of water from the trap by providing a constant air pressure. Vent works with ambient air pressure technique and helps preventing flow of water either up in the shower and down below the drain.

When the new shower drains are installed correctly then they prevent both the leakage and flow of obnoxious odor in the houses.